Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

Huang Xiaoming spotted at his hometown of Qingdao

Huang Xiaoming spotted at his hometown of Qingdao. He is presumably filming for a new Hunan TV reality show tentatively titled WHIRLWIND FILIAL SON (旋风孝子), in which six stars are chosen to live with either their mother or father for six days and five nights. The show is expected to begin airing on January 23 of next year.

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming


Life is a long journey, and at the end, you reach paradise! During your journey, no matter how many demons and ghosts, no matter how many muddy patches or rough spots, you must pass them all! Every day, you must tell yourself that no matter what you come across, you must face it happiness. The most important thing is chasing after your heart and not forgetting your original intent.

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

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