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Huang Xiaoming Wore a Wig to Wedding!?

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, who plays the monk Xuan Zang in a new epic, said on Sunday in Beijing that he was encouraged by his mother to portray the legendary historic figure before his wedding with actress Angelababy.

[…] Huang also credited his mother for the film. “First I rejected the project, but my mother insisted that I accept it,” the actor said, adding he was worried about his hairstyle if he accepted the role as he was preparing for a lavish wedding with actress Angelababy. “I didn’t want to wed my wife with a bald head.”

His mother also stepped on stage to explain, “I told him, you have a peaceful and gracious appearance and you also have tolerance, mercy and kindness inside. And you have the insistence to reach your goal. You are the man to play Xuan Zang.”

To comfort his son, the mother said, “You would still be handsome at your wedding even though you would be bald. This is a rare good opportunity. Xuan Zang is big.”

Huang eventually accepted the role and married Angelababy with a bald head, but wore a wig at the wedding ceremony.

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Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

An early screening, I believe, of Huang Xiaoming’s upcoming

An early screening, I believe, of Huang Xiaoming’s upcoming movie, XUAN ZANG (大唐玄奘) in a movie theater in Beijing. Xiaoming was also present.

Because a mishap occurred with tickets, a portion of the attendees were unable to view the film. As a result, they will be given two free tickets to watch the movie on April 29th, the day XUAN ZANG is officially released. They will also be given a book about the movie, signed by Huang Xiaoming.

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming as a guest on Xie Na’s talk show AUV NANA

Huang Xiaoming as a guest on Xie Na’s talk show AUV NANA (娜就这么说). A word of warning: he doesn’t make an appearance until almost 30 minutes into the episode.

Some funny tidibits:

  • Xie Na asked when his upcoming movie, XUAN ZANG (大唐玄奘), will open in theaters. His response? “…I don’t know!” LOL. For the record, it’s April 29th.
  • When he jumps up in recognition of one of the other guests, he causes a bunch of tea bottles to fall over and it’s adorable.
  • One of the other guests offers him a hamburger that he’s been saving for 15 years, and upon sniffing it, Xiaoming pretends to faint. When a male guest dressed in a drag offers to perform CPR, Xiaoming immediately jumps up and says he’s recovered.
  • The first time Xiaoming and Xie Na met was during a large gathering of friends. At the time, her friend He Jiong was teasing Xie Na about having bought a recording tape that had various phrases on it in Mandarin, English, and Cantonese. Everyone else there was laughing about the story, but Xiaoming looked at her very earnestly and asked, “Where did you buy those tapes?” Because of this, he left a very deep impression on her.
  • One time, Xiaoming wanted to buy some smartwatches for his friends. He called to place an order but was told that there were no more in stock at the moment. When he told the employee that he was Huang Xiaoming, the employee didn’t believe him. Because it was a brand that Xie Na represented, Xiaoming called her up to place the order instead.
  • It’s sooo cute hearing Xiaoming talk about Angelababy. “It’s not possible for me to find someone better than her.”

Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming attending the wedding of Xiao Yu, a leukemia

Huang Xiaoming attending the wedding of Xiao Yu, a leukemia patient and a previous contestant on CINDERELLA (来吧!灰姑娘), whom he had previously visited in March. Apart from being a witness to the ceremony, Xiaoming also dressed up as Baymax from BIG HERO 6.

Xiao Yu is scheduled to undergo a bone marrow transplant surgery soon, but she wanted to hold her wedding beforehand. The ceremony was conducted under the guidance of six doctors, who instructed that the entire be disinfected and that the attendees wash their hands and wear shoe covers.

The staff and attendees also wore masks, but because Xiao Yu wished to have a “normal wedding,” they briefly took off the masks when she made her entrance.

See additional cute photos of Xiaoming and Xiao Yu goofing off here.

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Source: F!Yeah Huang Xiaoming

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